Friday, June 20, 2008

The perils of ungraceful aging

Explain Naomi Cambell, won't you? Seriously, I'm not getting it -- how does one middle-aged lady manage to evade jail time so regularly? And if you were an habitual offender on this scale, wouldn't it be simpler to just convert your entire wardrobe over to Correctional Program Jumpsuit Orange? (And then there's the Michael Jackson Career-vs-Creepiness Dept. question: If you asked anyone under the age of 40, would they say Naomi Campbell is famous for having been a model back in the day, or that she's famous for being a freaky has-been with anger-management issues?)

Monday, June 16, 2008

On this most joyous of days

In honor of Del Martin and Phyllis Lyon, who celebrated their 50th anniversary before they were able to celebrate their legal nuptials; in honor of Robin Tyler and Diane Olson, who made me laugh with the names of their pugs (which are sort of the lesbian equivalent of my male friend who named his cats Steve and Eydie; go ahead and shut off the neon sign, dears, we get it); in honor of Rich and David Speakman, who found a good use for those "stimulus checks" (as the sign says above a certain store downtown, "we got your stimulus package right here), the best bumper sticker I ever saw in Lincoln, Nebraska:

My marriage doesn't need defending. Sorry yours sucks.

It's a beautiful day. Any day with en masse celebration of the love and hope implicit in making a lifelong commitment is a beautiful day. And anyone who tells you different has an inferior understanding of things like love, and hope, and the human heart. Pity them... and keep drowning them out like folks are doing in California tonight.

Grease up, girlie

The hair hopper on Fox News thinks she's making some sort of point when she says that Geraldo Rivera "kisses her hand" after the throwdown below? Cupcake, after what he does to you in this exchange I hope he bought you dinner:


HT to QuizLaw, watching Faux News so you don't have to. Except when this sort of thing happens.