Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Color me...um, not medium grey? Srsly?

Okay, sea green is actually not a bad choice as far as that goes. So what color are you? (HT to Monster Crochet.)

Sunday, August 3, 2008

One, and don't even THINK about 2, 3

ATTENTION. Alexander Solzhenitsyn is quite enough. If the Death Trifecta Ghods screw with Bernie Mac, I'm gonna hurt somebody. And don't even joke about Morgan Freeman. Do the DTG not understand what kind of year we're having? END TRANSMISSION. (ETA: Excuse me, did me not cover this? No words, but his friends had some nice ones.) (EATA: CHEF! NO! )

(EOMTTA: You know, I'm just going to do this kind thing for Samuel L. Jackson's safety and declare the third of the Trifecta to be Bernie Brillstein. This is sad in its own way; I temped for him once and he really was a rainmaker. Scary but cool, and in all the spare time I had I copied down every interesting number in his Rolodex. Yes, friends, I had in my very hands the power to dial Barbra Streisand's personal line...)