Thursday, July 17, 2008

A run for Emily

She looks into the face of the president and runs like hell, proving herself to be smarter than at least half of the American electorate.

Canine + robot = luv

So I'm watching the dog in the video below and bickering with the voices in my head thinking...

1. Tool use isn't so species-particular at all; even weiner dogs can figure out how to operate this robot.

2. I'll bet that's the first time in human history that anyone has written the phrase "even weiner dogs can figure out how to operate this robot." Sweet.

3. Yes, but could a weiner dog build the robot? A little species-pride is fine.

4. But am I so sure the dogs didn't simply modify our species to throw balls for them? We don't require an electrical grid, we're portable, and we can mix up our game a lot more than this admittedly very cool robot. And we're versatile, what with the can-opener operating and all.

5. The day the weiner dogs seize control of the can openers is the day I ship back to my home planet. what you say about society

Hi! Um, I had a lot of stuff to say about civility and science and, um, whatever, but right now I am genetically required to sit here and grin like a maniac 'cause Colbert has Rush on for their first TV appearance since before the earth cooled. (Though I cannot surpass Colbert's expression at the prospect of being on the tour t-shirt.) I hope this means our black-haired boy can take down the "President Bush have a hotdog with me" thing in the opening, because this is in every possible way an infinitely cooler get. But don't take my nerdtastic word for it, early-to-bed people...

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Civility, comments and email

More movement in the civility skirmishes, as Jason Calacanis throws up his hands in disgust over blog commenters and shifts to a private e-mail list. Gawker has details and links to more pondering of the problem. Can't honestly say I'm a Calacanis fan -- topic for another time, perhaps -- but honestly, if the e-mail system has been working for Dave Farber all these years, you have to ask yourself if, as my grandfather would have said, it isn't a pretty good program to take up.