Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Civility, comments and email

More movement in the civility skirmishes, as Jason Calacanis throws up his hands in disgust over blog commenters and shifts to a private e-mail list. Gawker has details and links to more pondering of the problem. Can't honestly say I'm a Calacanis fan -- topic for another time, perhaps -- but honestly, if the e-mail system has been working for Dave Farber all these years, you have to ask yourself if, as my grandfather would have said, it isn't a pretty good program to take up.

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mfheadcase said...

There is a word for someone for someone who gives up blogging just to avoid the trolls... and that word is "quitter"... Of course another word for this is "sane", but who am i to judge?

I haven't been goofy enough to help moderate anyone's forum for years, and only recently failed my SAN roll badly enough to start posting a Blog... And the trolls haven't found me there yet anyway...