Thursday, July 17, 2008

Canine + robot = luv

So I'm watching the dog in the video below and bickering with the voices in my head thinking...

1. Tool use isn't so species-particular at all; even weiner dogs can figure out how to operate this robot.

2. I'll bet that's the first time in human history that anyone has written the phrase "even weiner dogs can figure out how to operate this robot." Sweet.

3. Yes, but could a weiner dog build the robot? A little species-pride is fine.

4. But am I so sure the dogs didn't simply modify our species to throw balls for them? We don't require an electrical grid, we're portable, and we can mix up our game a lot more than this admittedly very cool robot. And we're versatile, what with the can-opener operating and all.

5. The day the weiner dogs seize control of the can openers is the day I ship back to my home planet.


mfheadcase said...

Heh... i prefer machines that may lead to humans being mugged for pocket change.

But i arguably have a sick sense of humor.

MC said...

See, I just want a loveable scamp of a bending unit as a friend.