Friday, September 12, 2008

Lead. In my vitamins.

Oh, that's just fantastic. Interested that they didn't also test men's vitamins, though OTOH, I don't know any men who take 'em. In any case, this profoundly sucks; my eating habits are weird enough that I really need to not skip the supplement, but I definitely don't need the extra heavy metal. What to do? (HT

Meet Ike, or rather DO NOT

Hi. This is Ike.

Ike is on its way to Texas. Despite the feeling of many of us re certain political tendencies of Texas (and its fellow hurricane magnet Florida), this is a houseguest no one decent wishes on anybody. If you're in Ike's path, on behalf of everybody else I would appreciate it if you'd get the hell out of there to whatever extent possible. If not, stay safe and hang on; we're all hoping for the best for you. (Photo skeeved with thanks from Michael Farnum's blog -- one of the good security-industry folk currently battening down the hatches. We look forward to hearing an all-is-well from that quarter ASAP.)

Open-source security, sort of

By fiat. I'm waiting for more detail before I condemn or praise the hackers who popped security -- really bad security, to hear them tell it -- at the Large Hadron Collider. Disclosure of vulnerabilities, whether they're in Microsoft products or massive physics experiments that already scare the snot out of nervous types, are one of those things that require a system. An orderly system. A system that the hacker community will never in a bazillion years be able to agree on.

But while I wait Estragon-like on those rules of etiquette for telling something their computer's zipper is down, I wonder if the Greek Security Team hackers who 0wned the LHC made even a little effort to contact CERN re the holes before they grasped for their fifteen minutes of fame. Look, dudes, it's nice that you're actually geek enough to not want to screw up the coolest science experiments of the decade, but maybe a little less cheap notoriety and a little more...honor?

Thursday, September 11, 2008

2558 days later

On the whole I was prepared to tune out the inevitable 9/11 tributes today -- I mark it in my own way, thanks, and don't need to be beaten over the head with other peoples' ideas* of what we lost that day -- but I was hoping that Evolution of Security, that ever-fascinating TSA blog, might offer up some words on this occasion. And lo!, they did. And the readers did behold the post, and the comments did fly freely. And AG did see the free speech, and declared it was good.

* Except for Jon Stewart, who then as now speaks just fine for me. Though damn him for, of all things, an optimist in that clip. We were so much younger then...

Oldest living Confederate widow... ain't

Well, one of the oldest anyway. Astonishing to do the math on this one.

Damn those succubi

It's true, all true.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008 keep me from thinking of mine

Some people have unseemly reality-television addictions, but I haven't got that kind of patience. Instead, I read advice columns for the entertainment value, by which I mean the armchair quarterbacking and the wondering what the other side's side of things sounds like.

To ruin the productivity of my kind, we have Sidetaker, in which he says and she says and then we get to vote. So far the side has a bad case of eHarmony-itis (that is, only The Straights need apply), I apparently have vastly deterioriated reading-comprehension skills this week, but that doesn't mean I haven't been compulsively reading and voting on the life crises of perfect strangers. Hey, it ain't snooping if they volunteered...

PS: We all still exist

The Large Hadron Collider had a successful test tonight, and the retards who claimed it was gonna END THE WORLD IN A BLACK HOLE ZOMG!!!!!!1!!!eleven!!!!!!12 will now have to find something else to be stupid about. We now return you to my regularly scheduled packing mishevgas.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

...when your weapon is your talent, revenge is sweet

For no particular reason other than I'm feeling disgusted with pretty much everything connected to this neverending move (which is to say, every freaking thing in my world in September 2008), words of wisdom from Danny Elfman. Goes really well with the Oingo Boingo soundtrack in my head. Good for your soul indeed.