Friday, September 12, 2008

Lead. In my vitamins.

Oh, that's just fantastic. Interested that they didn't also test men's vitamins, though OTOH, I don't know any men who take 'em. In any case, this profoundly sucks; my eating habits are weird enough that I really need to not skip the supplement, but I definitely don't need the extra heavy metal. What to do? (HT


mfheadcase said...

Eeeep... are products you take on the list? I did notice a couple of major brands on the list.

Though i also noticed a LOT of brands with name suggesting they mainly get sold at "health food" stores... heh.

I guess i would suggest switching to a major product line that isn't listed from a brand that IS... figuring it would have beent asted, and hopefully been found clean.

On the bright side, all of the one listed are well below PTTI..

AG said...

Yeah, mine's there -- One-A-Day, as mainstream as it gets. (Apparently just a couple of brands tested truly clean. As in, one or two. Gaaaaaah.) I try to avoid those health-food supplements as much as possible (did you see the story a few days ago re "ayurvedic" medicines turning up with god-knows-what in 'em?), though calcium... well, you don't like milk you gotta do something, right?