Monday, June 23, 2008

Why the NY Times needs a cranio-enema

Hey, remember when that guy totally made up those stories about stuff so he could stay home in Brooklyn and be bipolar? And remember when that lady said we had weapons of mass destruction because some guy said the other guy over there in the hat was pointing at the evidence? And remember... well, pretty much anything Alessandra Stanley's ever written? These fact-challenged moments were all brought to you by the New York Times, the standard in American journalism, which explains so much of the state American journalism is in. And like the news itself -- wait a day and there'll be a fresh batch -- the NYT will always be on tap for another screwup. Why? What's broken with these people? Gawker's got a gorgeous example of how arrogance, contempt and dimwittery combine in an office full of people high on their own effluvia. And folks wonder how Stewart, Colbert and the blogosphere became trusted news sources.

Of course, it's not entirely the fault of arrogant, underinformed writers and editors. The people who run these enterprises are ghouls as well, as Gawker documents. On fire today, Gawker. (Follow that link, BTW, to read a terrific piece by Brayden Simms outlining how "management" did him over on that job. He makes the point that the only safe person in publishing is a freelancer; he's all too correct there.)

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bdure said...

But doesn't Gawker strike you as a cure far worse than the disease?

Seems like working there is about as good for one's health as playing in a '70s rock band making enough dough to afford the good stuff.