Sunday, July 20, 2008

A local hero

I've been spending a certain amount of time lately thinking about the gap between my overinvolved (and over-crispy) online self and my offline self, which... well, isolated ain't in it. Nothing against Seattle, or DC, or NYC, or anywhere else I've been living, but the whole bowling-alone thing came true with a vengeance for a generation of smart folk who turned away from group interaction in the realms where you can't be quite so self-selecting. It's understandable considering what we've all been through these past 7.5 years, I suppose (and alas, as the societal gaps get wider, the offline world mimicks the online), but I'm thinking lately about what constitutes an effective and ethical community presence, preferably in a mode that does not require sustained interaction with your Seattle hippier-than-thou types. (There is no more uninformed and humorless hippie than your Seattle hippie. If these are the do-gooders, I fear I must do bad simply to keep from doing murder. I digress.)

Anyway, Kitsune Noir, which has been so kind in supplying us all with beautiful new desktops each week, has answered my Sunday state of mind with a link to "Martin the Tailor," a wonderful 8-minute documentary that posits one way of existing in the world with both eyes and heart open. Check it out and see if you don't find this Martin Greenfield fascinating.

Martin the Tailor from Ed David on Vimeo.

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