Saturday, August 16, 2008

Thoughts on the undebate

"I think for me the thing, as a Republican, is fear of change." -- OMFG, the girlie who phoned the C-SPAN line to comment on the un-debate just now encapsulated her party in a nutshell. And alas, I am not taking the sentence out of context. Out of the mouths of first-year lawyers...

I'm annoyed with myself for napping through much of the two-hour span, but more annoyed by far with some of the callers -- for instance, some broad on a second ago was weeping, literally weeping on the phone, because Barack Obama "didn't say that life begins at conception." But loving the pastor on now who's pointing out rather scathingly that the format for these chats was not the same for the two candidates, and that these were in fact two different events. That's America for you, isn't it -- the overwrought and ignorant, and also the knowledgeable and reasoned, side by side.

And I am loving most of all the guy who just pointed out that the entire spectacle of dragging Presidential candidates through a playhouse for imaginary friends is simply beneath us. So when do McCain and Obama drop by to speak at the local noodle house?

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