Monday, September 29, 2008

A little soothing schadenfreude

Such a day. While we ponder the markets, the Hubble, and other rattiness of the day, take heart: You're not as lost as this little chickadee. Though I'll bet it's warm and happy and rainbow-colored in her head. I'd bet there are ponies, even. Ponies. (HT to The Blingdom of God and Jeff T., who got the first laugh of the day out of me.)

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mfheadcase said...

**face palm**
Worst part, that may have actually just been a one off brain fart from someone who would normally know better.

Now immortalized. Heh.

Or, maybe MIchelle really IS that stupid...

I mean religious holidays have never been something i am interested in, but i DO generally recognize them by name, even if i can't tell anyone what they commemorate.

That's what Google and Wikipedia are for. **wry grin**

Though it could be worse, she could have sent mail to the guys at