Sunday, September 14, 2008

“Stop blogging. Stop blogging right now!”

Oh, Sarah Palin. Sarahsarahsarahsarah Palin. I am so pleased to hear that bloggers can get under your thin white skin.

The Times today has a not-bad vetting of the woman's personal / political style, which is... well, if this was your boss you'd be chatting up HR pretty much daily. Once you've been through that, may I direct your attention to a film made about the woman before she was even born? It's called A Face In The Crowd, and it was made in 1957 by Elia Kazan. It's the story of a folksy plain-talkin' charismatic with a serious case of megalomania, and it will keep you up nights. The star is Andy Griffith; you will never look at Mayberry RFD quite the same again, and you will have clarity of thought re Sarah Palin's sort that only great art can provide. YouTube has, for the moment, the whole freakin' movie in twelve parts. Get it while you can.


mfheadcase said...

Heh... the funniest part, on checking out the blogger who Palin staffers told to shut down... The blogger is one hell of a lot more conservative

AG said...

Ah, but authoritarians can get stressy about any opinion that isn't their own; ain't the what but the where of origination... *sigh* Seriously, tired now. Just really tired of the whole production. I can haz voting now pls?