Saturday, May 17, 2008

A Seattle street-fair moment

Why is the TSA exhibiting (and next to Mad Scientist Parties, no less)?
Dunno, but I am currently getting a *mighty* stink-eye for taking that

(later that night) So I went over to ask. They're recruiting, of course (did I mention this was near the UW campus?). The recruiter talked about it as "the easiest way of getting into a government job," and considering the size of DHS, I buy that. She also told me that SeaTac is testing out the new self-selecting security skill levels at the central checkpoint, so I hope to check that out before my trip to New Haven tomorrow (CFP! CFP!). I do not, however, think I will be adding a photo to that post. It's a brand-new blog and I see no reason yet to go to jail for it.

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