Sunday, May 18, 2008


In response to the prospect of a three-story LOLcat:

- Seattle needs one of these, particularly the Wallingford district, which of late appears to be operated by 12-year-old girls operating on the kawaii!!!!12 theory of civic planning (two supercute greeting-card stores, a new ice cream parlor, a cupcake bakery, and a fancy-wedding-dresses store... but no place to buy flowerpots).

- If I drove a cat car, I would be highly amused to have the O HAI license plate. Also if I drove a cat, I suppose, but I wouldn't like to be the one attaching that plate.

- I had no idea that I Can Has Cheezburger was Seattle-based, but I wouldn't be at all surprised to find it also in Wallingford. Which means that the cheezburger kitteh can has is Kidd Valley, and there are worse things to build an insanely popular meme on than a Dick's bacon cheeseburger.

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