Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Dear Scatterplot: I love y'all much, but I did not need to see this. Any knife-related injuries I see today are to be inflicted by Me upon the wicked, and I damn skippy ain't documenting the incidents in photos. (Yes, I said incidents-plural. Been that kind of day so far.) Feel better, Tina, and I hope the hand heals okay, but... AAAAAAAAAAAA!

(And yes, I shared with my own blog because misery loves company. Lots and lots of company. Shall I make some coffee?)


tina said...

Thanks for the kind wishes. I put the photo behind the fold, but it's hard not to click, isn't it?

AG said...

Impossible not to click. Feel better! (And yes, I am amazed that you're still able to type... I'm derailed when my fingernails are too long, let alone when one finger comes up abruptly short!)