Sunday, June 8, 2008

Kalanchoe v Gunn, Round 2

The kalanchoe I received about six months ago (identified thanks to kind readers of the late occasionally-great Tech_Space) is thriving and blooming against all odds, and big enough to topple itself over in its own pot. Obviously relocation is required, but normally that's a death warrant for plants in contact with me. However, the blogosphere assures me that I can't screw this up and am in fact probably just lucky the thing hasn't strangled me in my sleep yet, so... we'll see, won't we?

(Also? That blog, Plants Are The Strangest People, is making me deeply happy in a add-to-my-Bloglines way. Any fellow fan of Bad Astronomy and Wil Wheaton is someone I'm happy to keep reading, even if his flower photos make me feel all inadequate and eye-challenged and whatnot.)

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mr_subjunctive said...

Hey. Sorry I'm late (I've been busy in the emergency room. Twice.), but thanks for the link and the praise and etc.

The tricks to flower photos, as best as I can figure out:

1) Frame the shot in such a way that the flower takes up as much room as possible.
2) Do as much as you can to make the background uninteresting (unless the background is the actual point).
3) Take lots and lots of pictures of the same shot and then pick the best one.

Anything else, I have to credit my camera for. Or possibly Irfanview (photo editing freeware).