Monday, October 27, 2008

Who? Wait, there's a blog here?!

Yeah, very quiet; thoughts on that when I get my feet back under me. (I love the new gig but the pace is something else, and then there are all these bookshelves I need to finish building. The most-used fixture in the new house appears to be the Time Sink. Does the kitchen in the TARDIS have a Time Sink? I digress.) But I needed to tell someone that I need to have the entire Particle Zoo (and its Antimatter Annex) shipped to me immediately. That is all. (HT to Book of Joe.)


MC said...

I've still been dropping by daily to read your twitter'ngs.

I figured out what level 6 on the Blogger Burnout scale is after flirting with charcoal the other week. Level 6 is Diamond.

AG said...

Aw, thanks; I'm loving Twitter a lot right now, since larger posts are just beyond me. Soon, though, things should be back to near-normal. One hopes.

Diamond? So I need to monitor myself for signs of... glitter? And how about you -- are you dialed back down to 4, or...?

MC said...

Well, I was thinking what happens to coal when it is subjected to heat and pressure for a long period of time... it becomes hard, colorless and ensnared deep underground. Sure, once you emerge and get a little polish, a diamond turns into something nice (or utilitarian depending on the grade)... but it is a long struggle and a lot of work to get it into that shape.

This week should be ok for me... a little bit of a breather since I know what I am posting nearly every day until Saturday(and figuring that out is half the battle most days). I am hovering at the 3/4 crossover point, but I am still made of pork.

Perky Skeptic said...

Yay, glad to hear you're doing all right!

MC said...

*suddenly wonders if his last comment got sucked under the mud*