Monday, May 26, 2008


1. Keith Olbermann decides to do a Friday Special Comment on that Clinton RFK insanity -- FTW!

2. jetBlue doesn't carry MSNBC and I'm not able to hit my Slingbox to record it -- FTL!

3. MSNBC posts the clip and spares me a No-bermann Memorial Day -- FTW!!! And now for your viewing pleasure, ten minutes of country ass-kicking from a city boy:


MC said...

Aside from the tasteless nature of the reference, bringing up 1968 as a reason why one won't drop out of a race has other interpretations that have equally unpalatable results.

-The Democratic candidate that followed the fallen Kennedy, Humphrey, while keeping things close in the popular vote, got trounced in the election by a candidate that had run 8 years previously.
-Humphrey ran on the platform of restoring law and order to American politics.
-Do I need to mention the convention riots, which Rush Limbaugh wants?

So beyond the barbarity of Hillary's assertion, there is just the horrible further implications of such a statement for both herself and the party at large.

AG said...

The Get Fuzzy avatar is working for me on so many levels. Hi Matthew!

Agreed re the multiple levels on which a reasonable Democratic candidate would not want to invoke 1968 -- the year that engendered the cynicism that eventually led to rejection to the possibility of chnage, which led to the inward-looking 70s, which led to the I've-got-mine-Jack 80s, which led to... well, here we are. The poisons in the American cultural bloodstream aren't all to be lain at 1968's door, but it was a truly crap year. Plus, Humphrey.

And I'm damned curious to see if Limbaugh keeps this up -- the term "shouting 'fire' in a crowded theater" comes to mind.