Monday, May 26, 2008

It really was a hell of a town

(And not in the good way.) I barely saw this New York -- got there late and lived in other parts of the city -- but I know that once there was this city, this hellmouth New York. I lived there at the midpoint between the worst of the Then and the mega-mall Now that the city is today. Down the road, there'll be another iteration; the genius of NYC being self-recognition in the moment, we'll know it when it is to be seen. Timing is everything, I suppose.


anonymous said...

The genius of NY, IMHO, is actually the ability to self-delude into a state of belief where a sixth floor walk-up studio apartment with the bathroom in the kitchen and pipes dating nearly back to U.S. Grant is a "good deal" ;-) Yeah, I miss it, too, sometimes.

AG said...

McKinley. The pipes were McKinley-era. God, I miss that joint.