Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Newsman fired over O'Reilly "protest" speaks!

I'd been hoping to hear what Barry Nolan had to say about his firing by Comcast, and now he's spoken. Mr. Nolan, an anchor on Boston's CN8 news, was dismayed by the prospect of the regional Emmy folk giving Bill O'Reilly its Governor's Award (the highest award they give), and thus took the time to print out and hand out a brochure with some quotes from the Falafel King. For which reportage he was canned.

Nolan explains his decision in a great post to Think Progress, posted above; read it through to the end for a remarkably warm and hopeful take on where America's heading. For my own part, I'm painfully aware that few old-line media organizations are comfortable with their on-air / byline talent having opinions beyond the most insipid and conservative possible; I appreciate the stones it took for Nolan, working for the far-right creeps at Comcast, to speak up. And like him -- on my better days, anyway -- I believe too.

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