Wednesday, August 27, 2008

And it's United, ahead by a nose

That would be in the Worst U.S. Airline race, pulling ahead of American on the strength of this clusterfuck. Your subsidizing tax dollars at work, ladies and gentlemen. Not that jetBlue's perfect -- heck, not that jetBlue's the jetBlue of, say, 2005 -- but really, who knew that "United" was English for "Aeroflot?" (HT to AmericaBlog, currently asking who the hell Charlize Theron is and thus making me feel like an insufficiently committed political nerd, since I do know. She's the MRF from Arrested Development!) (and thus AG reclaims her nerd badge, only slightly dented)


MC said...

Charlize Theron could never become president of the US, despite being an Oscar winner. That's all I really need to know in a political sense methinks.

AG said...

*snicker* And thank you for the image of Miss Charlize running for president of South Africa; though she does seem like a fairly smart cookie, I'm not sensing a profound absorption in politics. But who can say? Not like hers isn't among the more interesting Hollywood biographies already.