Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Del Martin, 1921-2008

One of the two coolest newlyweds in the world has died at 87. No words. Bless her fierce heart, and keep Phyllis Lyon in yours today. What a year...


mfheadcase said...

Damn, she died with 2 down, 48 to go... fortunately one was her home state.

Too bad i live in one of the states that is likely to be last in recognizing love as more important than the ability to breed in a marriage.

AG said...

Ability to breed my ass -- women and men *well* past the age of breeding get hitched. (Hell, those nursing-home weddings are just cute.) Singing to the choir on this one, MFH, and believe me, my home state is apt to be absolute last in line. (And don't get me started on the states that don't wish to recognize adoptions by same-sex partners.) Which is why it gives me grim joy to read about the hand-wringing back home re brain drain and the rapidly aging population; gee, anyone ever wonder why the best and brightest don't stay?

But yeah, very glad California was one of the two. Even if The State doesn't recognize love -- and I'm not sure The State ought to be in the love business -- it *is* in the stability business, and if a 55-year relationship isn't conclusive proof of family-unit stability I can't fathom what is.