Tuesday, August 26, 2008

...and repent in leisure

Oh, for god's sake:

Kathleen Kennedy Townsend, the eldest child of the late Robert F. Kennedy and a former lieutenant governor of Maryland, said the animosity that some Clinton delegates feel toward Obama "is getting worse."

Townsend, a Maryland delegate, was a strong Clinton supporter but now is fully behind Obama. She said she partly understands why some of her colleagues have not joined her yet.

"There's a moment that you want to enjoy your bitterness," she said.

Yes, and if the Dems don't pull it together that "moment" will be 4-8 years long, plus whatever happens with the Supremes. I realize I'm a bit obsessed about this right now, but I have a sick feeling that this election cycle could prove the acme of boomer self-involvement-at-the-expense-of-all-others behavior. I just bought a frickin' house; I am gonna be so pissed if I have to leave it and move to Canada...


mfheadcase said...

Heh, honestly, Barack Obama scares me only slightly less than McCain anyway... but i will probably vote for the son of a bitch, just to try to maintain some sort of balance in the SCOTUS...

But lets face it he is untrustworthy on the second amendment, and has proved himself to be the same with the Fourth as well with his FISA vote.

I'd probably be tempted to vote for Bob Barr if i didn't still hold a grudge for his agitatin' against the First Amendment freedom of religion of Pagan soldiers.

I may have to write in Cthulu, fuck basing my hopes on the lesser evil.

AG said...

SCOTUS is good and sufficient reason at this point. Obama wasn't my guy in this race either -- mine dropped out, and though I had hope for him turning up in the veep spot I'm just going to quietly hold out for a cabinet post now -- but we just can't afford disaster on the Court. Pardon me, MORE disaster on the Court. And we need a bunch of folks with shovels at DoJ, too, while we're at it. Not gonna happen with McCain. (Or, alas, Barr. What the hell brought that on BTW? I only caught the tail end of it...)

"Cthulhu: When the lesser of two evils isn't sufficient." Yes, I am feeling the bumper sticker.

mfheadcase said...

Probably the best source for whar Barr tried to pull on military pagans is here:

Not exactly unbiased i admit, but largely made up of links and excerpts from mainstream articles.

Best i can or will hope for with SCOTUS is balance, because the ones i can count on to agree with me one one set of my hot button issues are fucked on another set of my hot button issues... and vice versa...