Monday, August 25, 2008

Tastier blogging treat (the stocked shelf)

Hey, check this out -- Tyson Foods (you know, chickens and whatnot) has a clever fundraiser going on their site, and all you have to do to help out is read a blog post about Austin, TX and leave a comment indicating that you did so. For each comment, the company will donate 100 pounds (!) of food to a fundraiser in the Austin area, and they'll go as high as 35,000 pounds.

This could be a true Net phenomenon; the fundraiser is called the HAM-Up Tweet-Up, and it was conceived (and news has been propagating) up in the Twitstream. It launched today, and wouldn't you just love to hear that Twitter had caused 17.5 tons of food to appear along with the usual 8.3 cubic feet of virtual guano?

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Lisa Goddard said...

Thank you for spreading the word!

Lisa Goddard
Advocacy & Online Marketing Manager
Capital Area Food Bank of Texas